Letter Game – Lyrics

We can make a game with this
The letter after N dismiss
The idea whence it came
We can’t speak it in this game

Help me Mitchell I’m falling
In heart with thee
Hit me Britney and again
Be mephitic with me

All at sea
In between
My princess and the chart machine
In between
Her highness and the charm machine

After mister G Perec
The circle gets it in the neck
Surely 25 suffice?
Even if it seems cut price

Damnit I did it again
Manufactured the teen
I’m the free man in Paris
I’m blue and green

A little green
In between
My sickness and the last machine
In between
Her illness and the class machine

A little green
In between
My highness and the blah machine
In between
Her sickness and the dharma sheen